Jesus instructs that we make disciples of all the nations. Disciples are made through teaching to the point that they become obedient to the Lord. Teaching is both in theory and practical formats. One of the aims of discipleship is for the disciples to become labourers.

Objectives of The Impact Cell Group

  • Outreach to Souls for the Kingdom
  • Mentoring and Discipleship of old and new members (Teaching others what you have learnt)
  • Corporate prayers
  • Love and Fellowship on a micro level
  • Follow up on first timers and new members to ensure that they experience and feel loved.
  • Supporting members to become productive and to do the work of ministry

Benefits of the Impact Group

Active membership is a prerequisite for accessing the following benefits:

  • Naming ceremonies
  • Child Dedications
  • Marriage solemnizations
  • Church participation in other special events
  • Financial Assistance