The School of the Local Church (SOLC) is where you will be priviledged to learn about the foundational doctrines that will help you grow as a Christian and as God's Kingdom Worker.

The School is a fundamental  school for all believers, as it is a place where Kingdom Workers can be equipped to become effective in attaining the vision and purpose of God, both for their personal lives and also for the church. At the School, God's word will be taught with the same simplicity, practicality and clarity that Jesus Christ Utilized as a means of ensuring that his disciples understood the principles of God's kingdom.

The Schoolconsists of three courses which are:

  • Foundation I - Pillars of Success I (POS-I);
  • Foundation II - Pillars of Success II (POS-II); and 
  • God's Kingdom Worker - Spirit of Excellence (SOE).

It is our earnest belief that by the end of this training programme, the entrance of God's Word will bring forth light and will literally lift you to a new realm of faith and spiritual well-being.