Amenorrhea Healed!

During the impartation service in January this year, Pastor Andy called out those looking for contracts; I was the last person to come out. While he was praying for me, he specifically said that I came out for contracts, but that I would get more than just the contracts.

Meanwhile, my monthly period had seized for about six (6) months, and it was not as a result of pregnancy. After the lady that was healed instantly of amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods) during the service testified, I keyed into it, and behold two days later my period started like a pump! 

Praise God!

Mrs. C. I. N.



I overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and by the words of my testimony. In 2008, I noticed an unusual itching on my scalp, I thought it was just dandruff which I was used to but on a closer look it showed that it was an infection, it looked like eczema and ringworm and it was pulling off the hairs around my scalp. A visit to the dermatologist revealed it was “Seborrheric dermatitis” and I was given two options, to keep a low haircut or to stop braiding or fixing of weave-on because I must wash the hair at least once every week. I chose the latter. This made me a regular visitor to the dermatologist, speaking a lot of money on consultation and prescriptions.

In 2010, I noticed it was already spreading to my body, I was subjected to a particular soap, cream, shampoo and conditioner yet there was no improvement, I became a specimen as they kept changing the soap, cream, shampoo and conditioner which they prescribed. (The funny thing was that any new product introduced would clear it off but it was like it no longer had effect over a period of time.) I heard a whole lot of things from different people, saying it was heredity, or that It was cancer and had no cure but I rejected it all in my mind and kept believing for my healing.

When we began this part of our confession of faith; the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells inside of us and quickens our mortal bodies, I loved the version that says ‘revitalizes’ so I changed to that. During one of the services in February 2014, Pastor Andy called for those having skin infections I ran out to get my healing, he laid hands and cursed it to its root, I returned to my seat giving thanks and rejoicing.

By April 26th, 2014 I woke up and walked into the salon where I usually wash my hair and to the hair dresser that I wanted to fix a weave on, he was surprised and exclaimed, “Customer, you want to fix weave on?’ I laughed out loud and said ‘Yes!’ so he fixed it in unbelief and I walked out of there a conqueror; friends, colleagues and neighbors who knew me with washing and setting all noticed a change and passed their comments. I only laughed and gave God thanks in response. Behold I had the weave-on for three (3) weeks without washing the hair and there was no itching, no dandruff, no pulling off of hairs and no trace of Seborrheric Dermatitis. I went back to the salon, removed the weave-on and fixed another style! I am healed, the Word works!

Ms. O. J. A



Lord I thank you for the miraculous healing. My two year old boy has been falling ill every end of month, first week of the moth of this year (Jan – April). We ran series of lab tests and the results kept reading malaria and inflammation. We would go to hospital and he would be fine. The fever kept recurring till the third month (March). This one started with a very high temperature (38 – 400c). We started doing mid night prayers with him. We had to go back to the hospital and he was diagnosed with malaria, typhoid, inflammation and low blood count. We were asked to do X-ray because of the frequent inflammation and we did.

The doctor referred us to Ear, Nose and Throat consultant; we didn’t stop our prayers. We came to church and one day Pastor Andy asked for people to come out for prayers and we brought him from children’s church, Pastor prayed for him and he was healed. The consultant (ENT) asked us to repeat the X-ray at the end of April to check if he would undergo a surgery. My husband was reluctant to do the X-ray because he believed he was healed but I insisted that we do the X-ray just to fulfill all righteousness. We took the X-ray on the 30th of April to the consultant and he said nothing was found again. End of the month has gone and this is a new month, he is healed in Jesus Name. Amen. I give God all the Praise and Glory.

Mrs. I. A



When I lost my mum some month’s back, I started having palpitations. During one Sunday service, and pastor laid hand on it and me stopped instantly!

Mrs. G. U



On Wednesday two weeks ago, I began to stool uncontrollably. By Sunday, I decided to treat malaria since the stooling had refused to stop. On Monday evening at home, I began to experience some stomach pain but I didn't pay attention to it since I had prayed about it. 
By 12 mid-night, the pains intensified and I began to scream but no one came because there was no neighbor around. 

The pain was so unbearable by 2am that I became weak and lost the strength to shout. Then 
I saw myself lying on the floor at the church office with my colleagues running up and down as if confused and suddenly I saw Pastor Andy come in and asked everyone to calm down. I'm using the word "I" because I was present in the room, but I was not noticed by anyone. My body was on the floor, but I was standing next to Pastor, who still didn't notice I was standing next to him and I wondered why. 
Pastor then laid his hands on my head and said these words that I still remember clearly. "No one will die prematurely here, so I call back your soul in the Name of Jesus". 

Immediately I was no longer standing by Pastor. I was now in my body. I jerked twice from the floor and stood to my feet and he ministered to me some more. This time I gained some strength in my room, still feeling some pains. I grabbed my phone and sent some persons messages some people to pray for me because I couldn't understand what I had seen. This was about 4am. 


To the Glory of God and the defeat of Satan once again, before the end of that day, I became completely strong after being ministered to again by Pastor Olu & Keye Adebayo. 

Ms. E. O



I have been having serious pain in my right leg for over some months now, but last Sunday when Pastor Andy was ministering he said if you know you have pains in your leg come out. People came out but I didn’t because I was at the back attending to a woman that fell under the anointing. Pastor said if he had prayed for you, stamp your leg and go back. I was just following the instruction where I was all I could hear myself saying was I receive it and also stamped my right leg. Normally there is a particular posture I don’t sit because if I do my leg would pain me as if my leg wants to pull out. After service that evening I found myself sitting in that position immediately I said to myself is this for real! That was when I realized that my leg has been healed.

Thank you Jesus for using Pastor Andy to heal me.

Ms. E. J



My Sister for over eight month had been having hormonal imbalance, which we have being believing God would be normalized. When Pastor gave an instruction for us to thank God with area of focus immediately keyed in for my sister. When I got home I also asked her to do the same.

On Wednesday she went for al test and the percentage of the hormone level in her body had dropped to 79% form 195%.

Praise God.

Mrs. A. J



My name is Samuel Abulu Juliet. I testify to the healing power of God in my life today.

Precisely Nine years ago, I discovered that any time the temperature becomes very hot; I would find it difficult to think study or concentrate on anything. I also find it very difficult to focus on light and each time I sleep in a room with the light on, I will wake up with this incessant headache that does not stop for days or weeks

When I went to the hospital to complain the doctor told me it was a problem with my eyes. I have had all of those challenges for over years.

Last week the thing started again and I began to trust God for total healing. During the service today my head was aching and I felt very heavy like I haven’t slept for week. But as Pastor Andy Osakwe was ministering this morning, I came out and after he had laid his hands on me, I got back to my seat and I felt this calmness like a cap on my head and it went down to my feet.

Meanwhile he also made an alter call for people who have pain in their ankles. I praise the name of the Lord because right now, I feel very light in my feet in my head and my entire body is refreshed. Praise God. 

Ms. J. S.A



I want to testify about the great miracle that the Lord did for my dad. Sometime in November last year, I took my dad to see Pastor Andy. He was just diagnosed of Prostrate Cancer and had already carried out a knee surgery in August. In fact in a test at Maitama district hospital, the result said he had 60.8 levels where a normal range is between (0-4). Doctors said it was dangerously high already he was having problems urinating.

Pastor Andy prayed for him that day and asked my mum to always lay hands and speak life to him both day and night. This she continued to do every day till they left for Lagos to see the consultant. The consultant gave an injection in December and asked that he return again in 3 months. In 3 months’ time, which was March, my dad went and was asked to repeat the test, when he did it, the miraculous had already happened. It showed that the level had dropped to 0.816 from 60.8 where normal range is between (0-4) 

Only God could have done this great miracle. My dad is completely healed form that ailment. I appreciate Dr. Andy and Pastor Ndidi for their support. Praise God.

Mr. O .C


Ear Problem Healed

God is indeed God!
On Sunday 3rd of August when Pastor Andy called out people with ear problems for healing, I told the lady sitting next to me that I was meant to go out but I couldn’t because I had gone out twice already and most importantly that the atmosphere is enough to heal me with my faith.

So when Pastor Andy started praying for those who came out, I laid my hand on my left ear that had disturbed me for a very long time. Just then I felt something bust inside my ear and since that day I have been able to hear clearly. All praise to God!

Mrs. Peculiar Ugo Nwaohiri

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