2020 is my best year thus far. It is my YEAR OF DOMINION AND GREAT EXPLOITS! In 2020, I grow in the Revelation knowledge of the Godhead as I walk in greater realms of dominion and carry out greater exploits. I am walking in the Light of God's greater glory; my light continues to shine brighter and brighter unto The Perfect Day.

My vision in 2020 is bigger than ever before; I am looking from my position in the heavenly places, far above all the distractions of this life. I see all things from Christ's perspective. My vision in 2020 is crystal clear; there is no ambiguity and no confusion. I visualize with clarity, accuracy and precision.

In 2020, I am walking on water and I am doing the impossible. I am taking greater strides of faith and conquering greater mountains. I am taking quantum leaps of faith. I am experiencing mind-boggling testimonies and extraordinary victories.

In 2020, all things are working together for my good on a daily basis. No weapon that has been fashioned against me is prospering. No weapon that is being fashioned against me will prosper. I dominate every contrary force on every level and in every dimension.

In 2020, I am totally submitted to the Lordship of the Holy Spirit! I am following His leading daily and yielding to His promptings all the time. I hear the voice of God clearly and frequently in my spirit. I am not confused about His will in any aspect of my life and I know His plans and purposes for me.

The Lord guides me every day from faith to faith, from glory to glory and from victory to victory. He leads me in triumph over every challenge this year and over every satanic machination. I am not afraid of evil; I am trampling on all the serpents and scorpions of darkness that have been arraigned against me. Today, I reject every form of fear!

I receive the answers to all my prayers and the solutions to every problem that arises in 2020. Every day, I possess all the harvests, benefits and manifestations that God has already packaged for me in 2020.

I am walking in Divine Health; sickness has no place in my mind or in my body. Sickness, affliction and poverty have been permanently uprooted from my life; they will never again be a distraction or hindrance to me as I pursue the will of God and carry out great exploits in the name of Jesus. 

I am full of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. I am saturated with the Life of God and it is overflowing. I can never be sick and I will not die. No plague or death will come near my being. No sickness will remain in my mind or in my body. I command every cell of my body and every fibre of my being to be saturated with the Life of God. I declare myself totally healed. I am walking in Divine Health!

I am free from sin, sickness, death, curses, afflictions, the law, Satan and all demonic influence, bitterness, small thinking, negativity, bondages, lust, evil passions, pride, fear, oppression, depression, confusion, backwardness, wickedness, perversion, afflictions, abnormal growths, cancer, addictions, pornography and sexual immorality, failure, forces of darkness, pain, darkness, shame, hatred, limitations and destruction! Amen.

I command every sickness to leave my body and every affliction to get out of my life. I terminate every demonic assignment against my household and me. I cancel and scatter every evil plot against our welfare. I condemn every tongue that is raised against me and I invoke the Life in the blood of Jesus against all the forces and desires of wickedness.

I am walking in Abundant Wealth; I have access to excess funding. I have all sufficiency in all things and I have abundance for every good work, and so I am operating as a blessing to my family, my neighbours, my community and my generation. 

God has opened great and effectual doors of favour and opportunity for me in 2020 and I am walking through every single one of them; I am taking advantage of every divine opportunity.

I release and assign the Angels of God today to:

  1. Stand guard and protect me from all evil and harm.
  2. Influence people to favour me and cooperate with me
  3. Orchestrate circumstances to work for my good

I command this Day, this Month and this Year to produce good fruits for me. I command favour on every side today and an overflow of the goodness of God in my life. The works of my hands shall be blessed as I set out to do great and mighty exploits.

As a Church, we are forcefully making significant kingdom advancements for Christ in 2020. We are positively impacting our community and shaping our culture for a kingdom of God based Revival, Reformation and Restoration.

We are conquering new territories and taking over all the kingdoms in our sphere of influence. We dominate and manipulate our spiritual environment to fit God's kingdom agenda in 2020. We control the spiritual atmosphere over our cities and we reign over all the elements, beings and forces in the air, land and sea spaces. We command the manifestation of Divine Peace!

We are fearless and courageous and we have entered our place of maximized relevance in society. This next decade, beginning in 2020, is exceptional; we experience extraordinary success as we embark on Spirit-led, audacious and bold projects.

We are the happiest and wealthiest bunch in town; we are experiencing spiritual revival and transformational changes in our lives all the time. We are also experiencing numerical increase of exponential proportions as God continues to add to us daily.

We are multiplying exceedingly as we make disciples for Christ of all nations. Testimonies are abounding as we step out in faith and do the works of God in our generation. We are lovers of God, consecrated to His will and eternally committed to His own agenda above everything else.